Water Harvesting Certificate Program

Eight Days of Hands-on Training

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Hands-On Training

This is not a theoretical program! The training is participatory and hands-on. Learn by doing

Learn From Experts

The program instructors have been pioneers in the field of water reuse and innovation.

Gain Green Job Skills

Alternative water supply and re-use systems are in ever growing need and demand.


The dates of the program are as follows:
  • September 2nd & 3rd:
    Tour of rainwater and greywater systems, Principles of water harvesting, watershed hike, Classroom introduction to design and basics of rainwater and greywater systems, Hands-On greywater and rainwater work.
    Location: Terra Corazón (Optional camping for the entire 5 days)
  • September 4th:

    Hands - On installation of Shower Greywater System

    Location: Quail Haven Experimental Orchard, Valley Center

  • September 5th: 

    Hands - On installation of Rainwater Tank

    Location: Quail Haven Experimental Orchard, Valley Center

  • September 6th: 

    Hands - On installation of Rainwater Harvesting Earthworks

    Location: Quail Haven Experimental Orchard, Valley Center

  • September 10th:  
    Maintenance Visits 
    Location: University City
  • September 11th:  
    Hands - On installation of Laundry Greywater System and more earthworks practice
     Location: Allied Gardens
    September 18th:  
    Water Harvesting Bike Tour
    Water Harvesting Consultation
    Location: University City
  • September 19th: 
    Water Harvesting Certificate Test
    Location: Online
  • September 25th: 
    Celebration brunch and guest speakers
    Location: Terra Corazón
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Other Details

  • Students actually get paid $400 for work performed as well! 
  • During the days we are not in class, there will be other opportunities to join installations of other projects for pay and to enhance your training.
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"This was a fantastic course! Brook and Josh are passionate, inspiring teachers. I learned practical skills to be able to install water harvesting systems at my own house and gained a foundation of knowledge that I can keep building upon into the future. The class was fun and rewarding, I recommended it for anyone interested in building a more tangible connection to our water resources and learning how to implement simple, effective solutions for a more water resilient future!"


The Course Value

  • 8 days of class including hands-on installation of laundry and shower greywater systems, rainwater tanks, and earthworks for efficient landscape water use
  • Registration, including raffle ticket to Ride The Tide, Water Harvesting Bike Tour
  • Tool kit in a one of a kind San Diego Sustainable Living Institute Tool Bag (valued $100)
  • 2 Books (Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1, by Brad Lancaster and Greywater Green Landscape, by Laura Allen (Valued at $57)
  • CatchingH2O T-Shirt (Valued at $25)
  • Meeting and possibly working with other sustainability industry leaders such as Simple ConstructReFind Kitchens) in our region (Valued at $200)
  • Water Harvesting Certificate of Completion
  • Learn to make the world a better place ($ priceless)
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We do not discriminate based on gender, ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political views.  
This course is hands-on and offers opportunities for you to:
  • Safely operate power tools
  • Cut and glue pipe
  • Dig and move soil
  • Crawl under houses 
  • Clean greywater filters

There are plenty of opportunities to engage in the learning environment without having to do physical labor. 


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