Ride along to visit your neighbors who are using local water to grow sustainability from the ground up

September 18th, 2021


Join the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute, CatchingH2O, and San Diego Coastkeeper for a behind the scenes tour of how your neighbors are reducing their need for imported water and growing thriving gardens that contribute to the human and native ecology of the San Diego River Watershed.
Together, we will take a peek into the backyards of folks who are embracing an ethic of place and leading the way in grassroots sustainability.
With 80% of our water being imported from hundreds of miles away, many San Diegans are taking it upon themselves to create local water by reusing their onsite water resources.  By capturing rainwater in tanks and in their gardens, they are reducing stormwater pollution while also enhancing their own water supply for the their gardens.  By reusing their greywater from their showers, sinks, and laundry machines, they are reducing the wear and tear on our municipal wastewater systems and growing fruit trees and other plants to enhance our community’s food systems, providing shade and cooling, and create beauty.

Rainwater Tanks

Learn about harvesting rain that falls on a roof to store for a later date. We will discuss sizing, placement, filters, permits, and rebates.

Landscaping with Rain

When we begin to look at creative ways to harvest rain that lands on walkways, patios, and other impermeable areas and redirect them to into intentional areas of the yard, we can eliminate the need for excess irrigation


Learn how to reuse water from washing machines, showers, and sinks to irrigate fruit trees and other higher water use plants. Irrigation can really be a simple as washing your clothes or taking a shower!

Tour Logistics

This is an all ages tour showcasing 5 local homes that have implemented rainwater, greywater, or innovative water efficient landscapes in the University City neighborhood.

The tour can be done by bike, scooter, and carpool. Locations have been designed to be bike friendly for the casual rider.  The route is approximately 6 miles round trip.

We will provide coffee, water, and light snacks.

Please bring a mask that you can wear when we are clustered into backyards.  We will also have some masks available as well as hand sanitizer at each location.

Opportunity Drawing

Each registration includes 1 "Opportunity Drawing" ticket (like a raffle) for some amazing items. Additional opportunity drawing tickets can be purchased during the registration process below. Opportunity drawing items generously donated by supportive businesses. Check back for more details soon!

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