Announcing the Water Harvesting Certificate Program!

Permaculture Design Education

Registration for our next Permaculture Design Course beginning in Spring of 2019 is now open.

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Learn all about how to reuse greywater in the home and landscape.

Hands-On Learning

Interested in turning your shower water into flowers, fruit, and more!?

Rainwater Harvesting

Learn how to harvest rainwater thorough tanks and with passive land shaping. 

Natural Building Programs

Natural Building Pre-Apprenticeship + Certificate Program

The Natural Building Pre-Apprenticeship  + Certificate program is now open for registrations.  This program combines on-the-job training + focused classwork to get you real life job training and experience. If you have been looking for a way to learn how to make a livlihood building with strawbales, adobe, cob, and earthern plasters, you definitely do not want to miss this opportunity. 

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Natural Building Workshops

For those that are interested in getting their feet and hands muddy while learning about specific natural building techniques, be sure to check out our Natural Building Workshops that can be taken as a stand alone workshop.

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Stay up to date with happenings at the farm, upcoming courses, and learning ways to make the world a better place

Our Permaculture Farm Center

Terra Corazon is our 17 acre permaculture laboratory located in Valley Center, CA. We are transitioning a resource intensive avocado grove and into a productive, regionally appropriate, soil and carbon sequestering, polyculture of regenerative abundance.


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