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2022 Permaculture Design Course

Our Permaculture Design Course begins May 14th with Online and In Person learning opportunities! 

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Water Harvesting Certificate

Holistic + Integrated Water Management

The Water Harvesting Certificate program is open for registrations.  Like many of our programs, this certificate combines on-the-job training + focused classwork to get you real life job training and experience. If you have been looking for a way to learn how to make a livelihood designing and installing rainwater harvesting and greywater systems or integrating this information into your existing practice, you definitely do not want to miss this opportunity. 

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Water Harvesting Bike Tour 2021

We are back for another tour of another local neighborhood showcasing water harvesting tanks, barrels, greywater systems, and passive landscaping strategies that residents can take to save 1000's of gallons of water per year.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Resources

We have been working hard to provide some resources to help with responding to the coronavirus and its related challenges.

Learn how to use permaculture in building a more resilient life for yourself and your family

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Here is a list of local farms providing produce, meat, eggs, and meat 

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Get started planning a resilience style "victory" garden to help augment our local food supply

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Stay up to date with happenings at the farm, upcoming courses, and learning ways to make the world a better place

Our Permaculture Farm Center

Terra Corazon is our 17 acre permaculture laboratory located in Valley Center, CA. We are transitioning a resource intensive avocado grove and into a productive, regionally appropriate, soil and carbon sequestering, polyculture of regenerative abundance.


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