Agave Spirits + Mezcal Tasting and Dinner

Fundraiser for Terra Corazón Farm! 

Valley Center, California

September 14th, 2019 from 4:00-7:30 pm

Hosted by The Agave Lab, a project of The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute

Join us for a spirited, engaging afternoon at Terra Corazón Farm and experience the people, plants and flavors of sustainably sourced mezcal and agave spirits from artisan producers in Mexico and California. Take a visual journey, hear the stories, experience the unique terroir of each spirit. 

Event Details


Cost is $100-150 sliding scale and includes: 

  • 6 mezcal and agave spirit tastings & slide show

  • Delicious, locally crafted meal

  • 1 agave spirit cocktail

  • 1 raffle ticket

  • Straw bale home tour with Simple Construct

We love ecology, we love community and we love tradition. This event will highlight and explore the interwoven mosaic of culture, communities and ecologies of both wild and cultivated varieties of agave-based spirits.

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Agave Spirits + Mezcal Tasting and Dinner

Fundraiser for Terra Corazon Farm!








Terra Corazón is a 17-acre ex-avocado orchard that is being transformed into a model for natural building, regenerative agriculture, food forestry, and healthy soils. We have incorporated ‘The Agave Lab’ as part of our vision to help our region thrive. 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will contribute to implementing Phase One of our 2019-2020 farm plan at Terra Corazón. 

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