Greywater System Overview- A Hands On Workshop

Learn how to install two types of affordable greywater re-use systems in this fun and hands-on workshop!

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Learn to Install Your Own Greywater System!

When you wash your clothes or take a shower, do you know where that water goes?  Rather than letting this abundant resource go “down the drain” you can tap into it to sustainably irrigate your fruit trees and other landscape plants, getting your clothes and your conscience clean at the same time!  

This hands-on workshop will teach and inspire participants to install both their own “Laundry to Landscape” greywater system and a simple "Branched Drain" greywater system from a household shower. Learn how easy it is to use the both a washing machine and shower to irrigate fruit trees and more with this low cost, easy, and permit-free legal method of greywater reuse.

By the end of the day, participants will be able to design and install their own laundry to landscape greywater system with confidence. Cut down your water bill and grow an ecological and food producing garden. 

Workshop Tuition

$55 includes: Hands-on workshop and bonus materials

Limited to 15 participants

Location in the Azalea Park area. The exact address will be sent out to all registered participants

Hands-on Learning

Greywater can be confusing, but this workshop is designed to take the complication and mystery out of installing your own greywater systems. 

In this workshop, you will learn everything from the tools and parts needed to install your own greywater system as well as the techniques involved to make it easy.

Workshop Topics

  • Install a simple laundry greywater system
  • Install a branched drain shower greywater system  
  • Learn about water budgeting and how to optimize your investment in routing your greywater to your garden, even if you don’t use a lot of water.  With a $250 rebate from the City of San Diego for a laundry greywater system, you can install a free greywater system and lower your water bills!  
  • Learn to install a low voltage actuator on your shower greywater valve and enable a simple flip of the switch within your bathroom to send the water to the sewer/septic or to your greywater.  
  • Discuss topics like what happens when you have too much water, how to work with your onsite rainwater in addition to your greywater. 

Your Hands-on Greywater Learning Opportunity is Coming!

This class will more than pay for itself in the thousands of gallons of water saved each year. Do not miss out









Expert Instruction

No previous experience with plumbing required. All tools will be provided for your use during the class. Taught by Brook Sarson of Catching H20

Brook started her rainwater and greywater harvesting business in 2008 with the mission to be a resource to the San Diego Community for water harvesting. She was determined to create change from the ground up by showing homeowners, educators, and policy makers how simple and effective rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling can be. Her continued mantra has been that individual contributions create tremendous impact toward a larger water conservation strategy.

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