Greywater Installers

The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute encourages and trains people to install their own greywater systems. However, not everyone has the time, tools, or skills required to install a system by themselves.  Below you will find a list of San Diego greywater systems installers.

Above design courtesy of Catching H2O

Ecology Artisans

Ecology Artisans is the premier permaculture design firm in Southern California. Specializing in low water use landscapes that are beautiful. The team at Ecology Artisans has over 15 years designing and installing greywater and rainwater harvesting systems.

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Catching H2O

Catching H2O offers design, permitting and installation of greywater and rainwater systems. Our designs range from simple gravity systems to fully integrated and automated ones depending on the goals and needs for your project. 

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Monty's Plumbing

Monty’s Plumbing is Southern California’s #1 Green Plumber promoting water conservation and reuse/reclamation via grey or gray water solutions.

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