Permaculture Design Course Teaching Team

The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute's Permaculture Design Course brings together an amazing team of professionals and educators with decades of experience in permaculture and its related fields

Josh Robinson

Josh is a father, gardener, farmer, teacher, and ecological instigator. He has over 18 years of experience in the field designing, installing, and teaching about creating ecological abundant gardens, home, farms, and businesses. Josh has been teaching permaculture to hundreds of people since 2005. He holds a Master’s Degree in Ecological Landscape Design from Prescott College.

His work has received multiple awards as well as being featured in Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s Garden and Art Ludwig’s Create an Oasis with Greywater. Josh has started 2 permaculture based landscaping businesses including his current business, Ecology Artisans, where he designs and leads crews in installing beautiful, functional, and abundant landscapes throughout San Diego.

Currently Josh is working with his family and friends in developing the 17 acre permaculture farm and education center at Terra Corazon.

Yael Zaidman

Yael is a nurturer of life. Whether she is working with compost, soil microbes, worms, plants, or seeds she brings all to life. Yael has experience from small scale backyard gardens to managing the greenhouse propagation and starts for a 100 acre organic farm.

Yael is currently on the board of SDSLI and is developing the 17 acre permaculture farm at Terra Corazon with her family and friends. 

Brook Sarson

Brook is the owner of H2OME, a rainwater and greywater harvesting company, that she started in 2008 with the mission to be a resource to the San Diego Community for water harvesting.  She was determined to create change form the ground up by showing homeowners, educators, and policy makers how simple and effective rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling can be.  Her continued mantra has been that individual contributions create tremendous impact toward a larger water conservation strategy.  

Since H2OME’s inception Brook has directly installed, or facilitated hundreds of thousands of gallons of conservation between rainwater tanks, greywater systems, and landscape design changes.  Her engineering background perfectly complements the permaculture design framework she uses to approach design problems.  

After getting her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2008 from ECOSA institute, she found a deep love and connection for social and community applications of permaculture which she has emphasized over the years through a vast number of workshops, speaking venues, and school curriculums. For her on the ground work in water conservation, she received The Water Warrior Award from The Surf Rider Foundation in 2012.

Lola and Tigre

Lola and Tigre Pickett are plant lovers, daring creatives, shamanic healers, and parents to two rambunctious kids. Through herbal medicine, sacred ceremonies, playful rituals, and international adventures, they help you let go of the patterns and habits holding you back. Their podcast, online classes, group mentorships, and retreats share a common goal: to give you tools that empower you, help you (re)discover your gifts, and support your alignment for the long-term. Amplify your intuition, intimacy, creativity and more with Lola + Tigre at Wild Playground

Rebecca Tasker and Mike Long

Rebecca and Mike are the founders and owners of Simple Construct, a design/build strawbale and natural plaster contracting business based in San Diego. They help people design and build high-performance, beautiful, and affordable strawbale buildings with healthy, low-impact clay and lime plasters. They also help homeowners integrate the beauty and benefits of clay and lime plasters into their existing buildings. 

Rebecca and Mike share their love and passion for building with natural materials including: strawbale, cob, adobe, and clay plasters to the team. They are currently designing and building 2 strawbale homes at Terra Corazon Farm where the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute is housed.

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