Natural Building Workshop Series

Announcing our Natural Building Program 

Natural Building Workshop Series 2019

Framing for Women

Learn about post-and-beam framing and how to safely and effectively use basic hand and power tools in a fun, supportive environment while helping to build a tiny building at Terra Corazon Farm. No experience necessary.

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Building with Straw Bales

Strawbale building is a technique that takes bales of straw, a product leftover from food production, and turns them into super-insulated, natural, non-toxic, high-performance buildings. Join local experts to learn first-hand about this innovative and sustainable way to build.

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Building with Straw Clay

Straw-clay is a technique where straw and clay are mixed together stuffed into forms. The forms are removed and the mixture dries, created an insulating, natural, non-toxic wall. Join local experts to learn first-hand about this versatile, innovative, and sustainable way to build.

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Natural Clay Plaster

Clay plasters are non-toxic and beautiful ways to finish a natural building or can even be used over drywall. In this workshop, you will learn how to mix and spread natural clay based plasters.

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"I learned more than I had hoped to at this workshop. I particularly liked the hands-on experience and the knowledge you gain from other participant's past experiences. The workshop was really well put together and the information was presented extremely well. I want to thank you for going above and beyond in putting these workshops together. It was great!!"

Vivri E.
Past Natural Building Workshop

"I learned a lot and really liked that there was lots of hands on work, the information was well presented, and there was a great atmosphere. It was a great experience-- you guys have so much knowledge and passion for what you do and I appreciated the opportunity to learn from you."

Maria B.
Past Natural Building Workshop

"I loved the size of the workshops and how they were presented. Very easy to grasp the principles as they were presented. There was always time for questions and they were all answered. I felt that a great deal of consideration was given in the planning of the classes and there is nothing I can think of that I would want different. Often when attending this sort of thing there is a feeling from the people giving the class that they are better than those of us who do not know enough yet. I never once got the feeling like that from the teachers of this class. They were always very much interested in our needs and perception of the material. I felt like it would be easy to become friends with them."

Kari W.
Past Natural Building Workshop

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